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Gemini Man Movie Review. Worst Movie We’ve Seen All Year


Quite easily the worst film of 2019, Gemini Man starring Will Smith, is painful to get through. Sludging through lazy dialogue and uninspired action, this movie misses the mark on all fronts. With such a promising cast and crew it’s a mystery as to how no-one stopped to reevaluate the contents of the script to try and make a film worth it’s budget.

The film follows Henry Brogan (Will Smith), the worlds greatest assassin who has just completed his last mission and is ready for retirement. He comes to find out that the intel from his last mission was fabricated and he has just killed an innocent bystander that the government wanted to keep quiet. The government then sends “Project Gemini” after him which we eventually come to find out is Will Smith’s clone. A younger, faster copy of the worlds greatest assassin, who is the only one who can stop him. Unfortunately, not even two Will Smith’s could save this one.

I’m not entirely sure who this film is for, but it definitely isn’t for an English speaking audience. Every single piece of dialogue, except for probably two scenes, is entirely exposition.  The characters only say things that further the plot and its borderline torture to witness. The only saving grace this film has is that Will Smith is surprisingly wonderful, even with the worst script of the year. He is still able to pull out emotion and humanity from a robotic screenplay devoid of any personality. I’m almost positive this film was made so that it could be translated for a foreign audience. The dialogue is basic and there is nothing left for interpretation, so that it can be easily translated for any language. There were so many instances in which I found myself laughing at line deliveries because of how god awful the writing was. This feels like a Chinese knockoff of The Bourne Identity.

The concept for the movie is fairly interesting, and that’s about all I can say that was successful in this film, for me. The action sequences were pretty boring and felt so derivative of other more interesting films. The computer animated Will Smith clone looked inhuman during the fight sequences. The motion blur of his movement was like watching the Neo vs a hundred Smiths in The Matrix Reloaded all over again. The fight sequences don’t seem choreographed and there are constant edit cuts in the middle of every fight to further the action. The cinematography was fine except for during the fight scenes where the camera was zoomed in so close that it was hard to follow the actions of the scene. It’s hard to imagine that Ang Lee directed this film. I never thought that he would release a worse movie than Hulk (2003), but I stand corrected. 

I’m not sure what else to say about this film other than, don’t waste your money or time on it. I’m almost certain this movie will fail to make any money off of its $140 million budget. I’ve come to the conclusion that my idea of “Hell” is to be stuck in a theater watching this film for all eternity. 

Gemini Man        SCORE
GENRE:Action, SciFi, Drama
RELEASE DATE:October 11 2019
AUTHOR:Curt Cook