Final Movie Trailer for “The Creator”

Get ready for the ultimate cinematic experience with the release of the final trailer for 20th Century Studios’ “The Creator,” a monumental sci-fi action thriller helmed by acclaimed director Gareth Edwards. This exclusive trailer premiere will be showcased solely in IMAX theaters on September 22. The highly anticipated film, starring John David Washington, Gemma Chan, Ken Watanabe, Sturgill Simpson, the talented newcomer Madeleine Yuna Voyles, and Allison Janney, will hit theaters and IMAX screens on September 29, 2023.

Set against the backdrop of a future where humanity wages a fierce war against artificial intelligence, “The Creator” follows the journey of Joshua (portrayed by Washington), a battle-hardened ex-special forces agent grappling with the loss of his wife (Chan). Recruited for a critical mission, he’s tasked with tracking down and eliminating the Creator—an enigmatic mastermind behind advanced AI technology, wielding a mysterious weapon that could alter the course of the war, and potentially, humanity itself.

With an elite team by his side, Joshua embarks on a perilous journey deep into enemy territory, delving into the heart of AI-controlled domains. What he discovers is nothing short of astonishing: the world-altering weapon he’s been sent to obliterate is embodied in the form of a young child, an AI entity portrayed by the remarkable Madeleine Yuna Voyles.

Under the skillful direction of Gareth Edwards, “The Creator” weaves a narrative that challenges the boundaries of man and machine. The screenplay, penned by Gareth Edwards and Chris Weitz, stems from a captivating story by Gareth Edwards. The film is produced by Gareth Edwards, p.g.a., Kiri Hart, Jim Spencer, p.g.a., and Arnon Milchan, showcasing a team dedicated to bringing this visionary tale to life. Executive producers include Yariv Milchan, Michael Schaefer, Natalie Lehmann, Nick Meyer, and Zev Foreman.

Prepare to be captivated by “The Creator,” a cinematic journey that blurs the lines between humanity and artificial intelligence, helmed by a stellar cast and visionary filmmaking. Mark your calendars for September 29, 2023, for an unforgettable theatrical experience.