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Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch (2018) Movie Review


Featuring voices from: Benedict Cumberbatch, Rashida Jones, Cameron Seeley, Kenan Thompson, and Narrated by Pharrell Williams. Director: Yarrow Cheney and Scott Mosier

The Grinch, whom we all grown up to love whether it being the original short film or portrayed by funny man Jim Carry (2000) is, for most, a yearly Christmas tradition to watch and once again this 2018 version will not fail you.

Overlooking the beautiful town of Whoville, in a cave on Mount Crumpet, you will find The Grinch, and his faithful lovable companion Max. This movie remake takes a more subtle approach to humor and hate, yet is able to achieve both in a flawless way. Being that many of today’s life issues differ from when the original was made, this flick hits on a lot of topics that children now, can understand and relate with. What is also interesting is that the well-known song is discreetly played in the back ground and placed almost at the beginning of the movie, which I was upset about, as we are accustom to the songs perfect placement, but to say the least, I forgot all about it once “The Grinch” started plotting his conniving plan to rid Christmas from Whoville. Again, you have to remember it’s a revamped movie to keep your kids entertained, and for me, who adores “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” from 1966 and got tons of laughs from the version with Jim Carrey, I must say this one is a Hoot, and should not be compared to any of its other version as this still hits all the right points and messages that made all these stories lovable.  Benedict Cumberbatch voiced – The Grinch, and it for me it seemed to work, as his American accent is almost soothing to hear, even though he’s a conniving green fuzzy guy that hates Christmas.

Cindy Lou Who voiced by Cameron Seely, takes on a whole different role in this and is very invigorating to see, as many Kids nowadays don’t really want for others as much as they want for themselves, and this story line gives it a much more refreshing take. Now, I know how much we all loved the narrated voice of Boris Karloff, with his perfectly dreadful voice, and to now have Pharrell Williams take hold of it, took a minute to get used to, but only a minute since you realize it fits well with the pace of everything going on in the movie with its great visual design. Illumination has definitely hit the mark of enhancing your love of Christmas with all the color, texture and beauty that computer animation can offer.

The only down fall of course would be having the expectation of what you saw in the past with either the written book from 1957, animated TV film from 1966 or the live action film from 2000 since this is much more modernize style that will blend in well with this day and age. But, on the bright side it’s undoubtedly a must see, as all the characters involved are just so warm and darn cute, I can honestly say they made my heart grow 2 inches that day.  And in case you don’t know – keep your eye out for Fred the reindeer as not only was he my favorite character but he was the only one who really stole anything and that is my heart.

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch (2018)
DIRECTOR: Yarrow Cheney, Peter Candeland
STUDIO: Universal
GENRE: Animated, Family, Comedy
RELEASE DATE: November 9 2018
AUTHOR: Yvette Melendez