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Review: Ponyo

Review: Ponyo


ponyo-3Ponyo: Miyazaki did it again!

A heart warming Anime movie with a great Moral. A little fish who obtains magical powers that surpass even her own fathers swims away from her beloved sister so that she can explore life the way she wants and not the way she is told too by her father. Ponyo falls in love with a little boy named Sauske who finds her close to shore as he plays with his toy boat. Sauske scoops up this little gold fish as he refers to her and takes her to be his pet. Ponyo falls in love with Sauske for being so kind to her as a fish. Ponyo then wants to be a human so that she may stay as close to Sauske as possible not knowing the consequences that sooon arise as she leaves behind her home at Sea. Ponyo figures out how to turn herself into a human and then is welcomed into Sauske home as she is found standing alone in the heart of a micro typoon.

The moral of this story is the innocent love a child has for life is non-judgmental to who or what a person is.

I first thought this move starting off slow and I was a little unsure if I would actually want to sit thought it but to my surprise not more than 15 minute pass and as i caught myself sitting back up on my seat watching anxiously. I fell in love with this movie and all its characters as I laughed, cried and reminisced to how much fun my now 15 year old daughter was at a young age. I highly recommend this move as a must see..

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Two words… Acid Trip.

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