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DisneyNature’s Bears movie review


Disneynature takes us on an Alaskan adventure following the lives of a mother brown bear and her 2 newborn cubs. Bears takes a vastly different approach than the usual nature films in that it focuses on telling a story over anything else. We follow the mother bear as she and her cubs emerge from them cave and begin their long journey to find Salmon to eat before the winter comes again.

The film tries to personalize the bears and make them relatable to a family by naming them Sky, Amber, and Scout and even talks for them to give them some character. Sky, the mother bear is given a character of a strong willed first time mother who is trying to keep her kids safe and healthy. Amber is the little female cub who stays near her mother and stays out of trouble. Scout, the little male cub is portrayed as a adventurous and rambunctious little boy who often gets himself into trouble. While it may seem odd for those who have seen nature films like Life, Planet Earth, and Blue Ocean, Bears does manage to become rather charming and you begin to relate to the bears and even cheer them on their adventure.

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John C. Reilly, the voice of Wreck it Ralph, narrates the film and is absolutely fantastic. Reilly doesn’t stick to the serious tone that nature films normally take, instead he sounds fun, excited, and even gives the bears different voices when he speaks for them. Reilly makes the film fun and enjoyable in a way that would help keep a child’s attention.

Bears also strays away from showing any violence and you will definitely not be seeing any mammals eating another mammal. This is a Disney version of nature so of course you won’t see a Bear eating a bird or birds eating some dead animal carcass. At no point in the film do show you anything that would remotely scare a child and at most you will see the bears eating some Salmon and Oysters. At no point can I remember any shot of blood or open wounds on any of the animals.

If you are looking for a nature documentary like Planet Earth then Bears will not satisfy you in the least. Bears is intended for kids and families that want to watch real life bears and perhaps get an introduction to nature films. While the film isn’t going to be as informative as other nature films, the added focus on story and characters makes for a charming film and may even get you to want to take a trip to the Zoo. If you like this film then go watch Disneynature’s other fims on Flamingos, Chimpanzees, African Cats, Butterflies, and the Ocean.