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Digital Wednesday- Animal Odd Couple


Let’s get digital, digital, I wanna get digital. Let’s get into digital Wednesday.  This Wednesday let’s get digital with the movie Nature: Animal Odd Couples  by PBS which you can find on Netlix.  This hour long film introduces us to 6 animal pairs that you wouldn’t imagine getting along.  The film, while showing us the adorable animals also pushing the question of whether or not animals have emotions in the same way humans do and after watching this you will become a believer.

The film is a great documentary that really goes into great details on the animals that have created a strong and loving bond with a different species.  One of the first pairs it shows is Mtani, a dog and Casi, a Cheetah.  It is fascinating to see this Cheetah roll around and play with this dog that it easily outweighs and could easily takedown.  Another pair that has an even bigger size difference is between Anthony, a lion and Riley, a small coyote.  They truly act like they are of the same kin.  They show them play and you get to see this small coyote chase and jump on the lion to take it down.  The lion gives out its cry that it gives up and they both get up and now the lion chases the coyote to continue their fun little game.


The best story and the one you have to see to believe is between Jack, a goat and Charlie, a blind horse.  This touching tale is heartwarming and may even require a Kleenex or two.  The goat is perhaps the sweetest and greatest friend a man or horse could ever have.  Charlie, who has become completely blind, has his great friend Jack act as his eyes and slowly guides him to the grassy pasture to graze.  Jack, the great friend that he is doesn’t stop or take any detours to tend to his own hunger until he has guided his blind but now full friend back to the ranch safe and sound.  This is truly a touching tale that really makes this movie a must watch.


The film is well paced and directed and it keeps you invested.  You never stay too long with one pair but you stay with them long enough to really know their touching stories.  Definitely a feel good movie that will make you feel a little better about this world we live in.