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My Cousin Rachel: Movie Review


So going into My Cousin Rachel I was expecting a typical period piece where the plot was as predictable as the character development. I hadn’t really heard anything about this film up until watching it, doesn’t seem like it was highly publicized.

What we end up getting is a piece that leaves you questioning the end. It leaves everything open to interpretation, which can be a good thing or bad thing; in this case it was because it elevated the film. I cannot remember the last time I had a film throw me for a loop like that did. What started as a not so great movie ended up being really interesting and puzzling toward the end. I left that theater pondering what exactly the ending meant which made me replay the movie in my mind to see what clues had been left behind. It is a film that will spark a conversation with the person you go watch it with as you head home from the theater.

This film is based on a book by Daphne du Maurier of the same title as the film, it is also the second film adaptation of this book; the first one released in 1952 starring Richard Burton and Olivia de Havilland. The film centers on a young man named Phillip whose cousin and legal guardian Ambrose dies from a tumor. But before his death Ambrose, marries their couasin Rachel from Italy. Once Phillip and Rachel, meet the story goes takes off delving into their relationship and interactions. When clues start to arise hinting that there was foul play in Ambrose’s death the prime suspect is of course his widow; that’s where the plot truly takes off. I will not say more about the actual plot now because anything else will give away the whole film.

The stars of the film are Sam Claflin as Phillip and Rachel Weisz. One is of The Hunger Games fame where he played the role of Finnick; while the other is of The Mummy fame where she played the role of Evelyn. The chemistry between these two actors really never comes as natural to me, seems at times a bit forced and cold. Maybe I was reading too much into it, it could’ve been that the director was going for that kind of mood and feel amongst characters. At one point in the film it becomes clear that Phillip is falling for Rachel, yet it seems like it was a forced attraction. A bit more exposition or dialogue to show us reasons why Phillip was falling for Rachel would’ve been nice wouldn’t have seemed like the romance was out of place. Interactions with other characters were very minimal in my opinion and don’t really impact the quality of the film. Now I haven’t read the book itself but this movie did get me interested in at least trying it out because I would like to see if this is a faithful adaptation. I would hope that it is faithful to the book because nothing bothers me more than seeing a book improperly adapted as a screenplay.


My Cousin Rachel is not likely to get much viewing while in theaters due to that it simply hasn’t been marketed well enough I feel. What to me as a first glance seemed like it would be a thriller turned out to be a drama. I feel that with better marketing this would be more successful at the box office but then again we will have to wait and see how it actually does when it opens this weekend.\

My Cousin Rachel (2017)
Director: Roger Michell
Studio:  Fox Searchlight Pictures
Genre:  Drama, Mystery, Romance
MPAA:  PG-13
Release Date:  June 9th, 2017
Author:  Raymundo Ortiz
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