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Central Intelligence: Movie Review


Central Intelligence 1So the summer has kicked off at the box office and that is bringing us a slew of movies from all different genres. We have seen some flops (Alice Through the Looking Glass) and some successes. Yet nothing has really stolen the box office this summer or been a bit more unpredictable than people have originally thought. Now coming out this week is Central Intelligence starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart, which is a good action film overall. It is a typical buddy cop movie with slight hints of spy movie as well, hence the title of the film. It is a film that keeps you reeled in with excellent pacing throughout the entire film and plenty of comedy to go around.

Central Intelligence 3The best part of this movie happens to be the chemistry between the two protagonists; they work really well together in the film. Their interactions amongst each other are very natural; they play off of each other very well in terms of dialogue and jokes. It could’ve been the writing that helped with the chemistry of the protagonists, it probably contributed to it, yet the interactions between “The Rock” and Kevin Hart were so well done you’d think they were ad libbing some of the lines.

With this movie “The Rock” shows us yet again why he has been so successful with his transition from sports entertainment to acting, not to mention it shows us more of his range of acting. He’s mostly known for his action films, but this will certainly break him into buddy cop/comedy films. Kevin Hart plays his typical Kevin Hart character with fast-talking, fast quips, and short man jokes coming at you left and right, it is what you want to see out of him during a movie.

Central Intelligence 2The plot itself is fairly straightforward but at times seems a bit muddled where it has you asking yourself what is going on. Yet as stated before the pacing of the movie is good it mixes the highs and lows in the movie very well, giving us time for not only action but for dialogue that drives the plot further. The spy aspect of the plot is woven well into the story, in where as we know “The Rock” goes from being a laughing stock in high school to an intelligence agent. Seeing Dwayne Johnson made to look fat was definitely a good laugh as well as a younger Kevin Hart, all is just ridiculously funny.

Central Intelligence is a good action movie but a great buddy cop movie. The saving grace of this film overall as stated before is the chemistry of the two protagonists and how well the jokes flow back and forth from them. The action scenes further add to the pace of the film and contribute to the film in a positive way. I would say this a great movie to go to if you and your friends enjoy an action/comedy mix with two great stars that have excellent chemistry. I predict there will be a sequel to this film as well if it does decent at the box office.

Central Intelligence Movie Review


Central Intelligence (2016)
Director:  Dawson Marshall Thurber
Studio:  Warner Brothers
Genre:  Action, Comedy
MPAA:  PG-13
Release Date:  June 17th, 2016
Author:  Raymundo Ortiz
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