The Conjuring 2 Movie Review

The Conjuring 2 Movie Review: From the first time I heard about a sequel for The Conjuring, I was as excited as a little boy; but also terrified… What if the sequel is not up to par with the original? The Conjuring has given me hope for the Horror genre, since it has been one, if […]

The Witch Movie Review

The Witch Movie Review: No one was more excited to watch this pilgrim folklore of a tale than me. I must admit that my expectation for the film ran really high and that is not always a good thing or you run the risk of ending up disappointed. Lets just say than no witchcraft or spell […]
The Last Witch Hunter

The Last Witch Hunter Movie Review

A story as old as time… Witches roaming the Earth, some are good, most are bad and the struggle to keep the peace in a imaginary scale. When one strays from the path, there’s always someone there to right the wrong. In this case that someone is Vin Diesel (Kaulder), The Last Witch Hunter. Synopsis: […]

Hunger Games Catching Fire movie review

The Hunger Games Catching Fire movie review – Once in a blue moon a movie comes along invoking a lot of mixed emotions within moviegoers. So much in fact, that some will refuse to watch it. But what constitute a well balance movie that everyone can enjoy without the feeling of being put into a category?  […]