T2 Trainspotting: Movie Review

The boys are back in town!  Renton, Sick Boy, Begbie, and Spud return in Danny Boyle’s long awaited sequel to Trainspotting, and while Edinburgh may have moved on toward gentrification and modernization, the boys are still coming to terms with the demons of their past. Twenty years have passed since the heroin deal that was supposed […]

The Bye Bye Man: Movie Review

The tagline for The Bye Bye Man is the mind numbing and constantly repeated “Don’t think it.  Don’t say it”.  To be frank, they should add “Don’t see it.  Don’t watch it,” to the phrase.  Quoting Andy Bernard from The Office, “This movie is bad.”  I almost wish I could just leave it at that, so […]

Hidden Figures: Movie Review

Hidden Figures is based on the true story of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson, spotlighting their contributions to the history of modern aerospace technology during the height of the space race.  True to its title, the film’s plot centers around the ground breaking work of these three African-American women whose historical acknowledgement and legacy […]

Collateral Beauty: Movie Review

After his 6 year old daughter dies of cancer, formerly successful advertising executive, Howard, finds himself struggling to find meaning in his life and in the world around him.  Reeling from the loss, and isolating himself from the world around him, he falls into a devastatingly deep depression.  Seeking solace in writing directly to the […]

Hell or High Water : Movie Review

Brothers Toby and Tanner Howard, set out to save the family homestead in David Mackenzie’s Hell or High Water. When their mother dies, the local bank that holds the mortgage to their Ranch is less than forgiving about the family’s financial situation and threatens to take the only asset that they have. Divorced father of […]

Captain Fantastic: Movie Review

Captain Fantastic follows the exploits of the eccentric and unique Cash family.  For over a decade Ben Cash and his wife Leslie have raised their six children in the isolated utopian compound of their dreams located somewhere in the Oregonian wilderness.  Eschewing the modern trappings of capitalism and technology, they’ve instead imbued in their children […]

The Purge: Election Year Movie Review

It’s time to purge again!  The year is 2023 and the eve of the annual holiday of mayhem and murder approaches.  Every year the American government allows one night of effective anarchy where every crime from theft to cold blooded murder become legal for one 12 hour period.  The third installment of the franchise, The […]

Finding Dory: Movie Review

Marlin, Nemo and Dory are back after a 13 year hiatus in Finding Dory the sequel to Pixar’s beloved underwater adventure, Finding Nemo.  Taking place one year after Dory and Marlin’s epic transoceanic adventure to save his son Nemo, Finding Dory takes us back to the tranquility of the coral reef that they call home.  All […]

Weiner: Movie Review

If you pay any attention to politics or even periodically watch the news then you surely remember the scandal that brought Anthony Weiner’s promising political career to a screeching halt.  Even if you didn’t know anything about his political career in the years before the scandal you no doubt have the lumpy image of his […]

Sing Street: Movie Review

Tales of love, life and music are nothing new for writer and director John Carney.  Best known for Once, a modern indie musical, where a man and a woman connect over their mutual love of music to write, collaborate, and explore love over the course of one fateful week, Carney stays close to his comfort […]