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Kajillionaire Movie Review

Kajillionaire directed by Miranda July, centers around the life of a woman plagued by the control of her petty criminal parents. They skirt by through life with money schemes manipulating people and selling stolen goods for small amounts of cash. The parents eventually invite an outsider in on one of their schemes, which creates a […]

Mighty Oak Movie Review

Mighty Oak is a heartfelt story about the loss of a loved one and the passion for community and music. Set in the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego, the film follows the trouble life of Oak Scoggins, a 10 year old guitar prodigy. He is introduced to a guitar of a former local music […]

Irresistible Movie Review

Written and directed by Jon Stewart, Irresistible is a comedy centered around the never ending game of modern politics. The film takes place in a small broken town in Wisconsin where a famous Democratic strategist from DC named Gary Zimmer (Steve Carrell) gets involved in a local Mayoral election. Gary’s interest is peaked by a […]

The Way Back review

Walking into the theater to see The Way Back , I will admit I had pretty low expectations for the film. I didn’t know a lot about this movie other than Ben Affleck plays a former basketball All-Star who now has a relationship with the liquor bottle and now has the opportunity to redeem his […]

Bad Boys For Life Movie Review

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return to the big screen to reprise their roles for the 3rd film of the Bad Boys franchise. Detectives Mike Lowrey (Smith) and Marcus Bennet (Lawrence) team up to ‘ride or die, one last time’. Filled with fast car chases, gunfights, and guttural belly laughs, this film is going to […]

IMPRESSION: Jumanji: Next Level

Jumanji: The Next Level has a little romance, a lot of laughs, tons of action, and a star studded cast. Who doesn’t like seeing Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart poke fun at each other after they get sucked into a video game and they’ve swap bodies with other characters? Spiced up with a little Jack […]