Pitch Perfect 2: Movie Review

Damnit Anna Kendrick… seriously can she just stop. This review is not about Anna Kendrick herself rather, it is about Pitch Perfect 2 and how it literally slaps you across the face with some feminine power, new solid jams/mashups, and comedy through and through. That’s right Pitch Perfect 2 seriously had me laughing so hard […]

Into the Woods Movie Review

Into the Woods Movie Review Understand something here and now, musicals aren’t for everyone. Do not force your loved ones who have stated that they don’t like musicals to sit through a musical. With that said, I f*!@#!g love musicals, especially Into the Woods. From set design to costumes this film was amazing. Recently having […]

Frozen movie review- Disney has done it again

Frozen movie review – Well, Disney has done it again.  They’ve made another heart-felt animated feature that’s perfect for the whole family.  Seriously; if you have the itch to enjoy a family trip to the movies over the holiday weekend, see ‘Frozen’.  In a way, it’s predictably perfect – throwing in to the mix a diversity […]

Pitch Perfect movie review

Directed by Jason Moore Written by Kay Cannon (screenplay), Mickey Rapkin (book) Pitch Perfect movie review – When it comes to blending music and comedy, “Pitch Perfect” really does have great harmony. This is a snarky coming-of-age film about the world of competitive Collegiate A Cappella groups. There are some great laugh-out-loud moments, and while the […]

Rock of Ages Movie Review

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. “Just a small town girl…” As fun as it is to hear sometimes, pretty much the entire contents of “Rock of Ages” is stuff you’ve heard before, but performed better. It’s based on a cheesy stage musical that pays tribute to the jukebox hair metal anthems, power ballads, […]