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Cars 3: Movie Review


Coming into Cars 3 I was a bit hesitant on what I was about to see due to how disappointed I was with the second Cars film. Yet I came out of the theater pleasantly surprised on how well this film came out. Pixar has truly redeemed the Cars franchise with this new addition seeing how the second was a cash grab since the first film sold a lot of toys.

This third installment of the Cars franchise brings us back to its roots of racing, friendship and outlook on life. It thankfully puts Mater in the backseat of the film and brings us a good character driven story featuring Lightning McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson, and a new character named Cruz Ramirez, voiced by Cristela Alonzo. It seems as if this is Alonzo’s biggest role to date as well. Her previous being a short-lived sitcom named after herself, Cristela. This takes place towards the end of Lightning’s career, where he must face time and the coming of a new generation of racers. It poses to the audience the idea of the passing of time and with it our lives; how we have to adapt to change and how with age comes wisdom. This film completes the story arc of Lightning and gives us insight into Doc Hudson’s past. We meet the mentor of Doc Hudson who explains to McQueen on what Doc Hudson loved more than racing, and that was mentoring and teaching McQueen. The antagonist in the movie is a new rookie car called Jackson Storm, yet his character is never fully realized. The plot-involving Storm takes a backseat to McQueen’s character journey and development. He just seems to be the object to beat looming in the background, nothing more than that really. This lack of antagonist presence still gets a pass from me because of the overall strong messages that this film gives its audience. The purpose of the film is to bring about change in attitude much like it was in the original film, McQueen had to learn the right place he belonged and how to adapt to his surroundings.

Now Pixar has the habit of making movies set in other worlds, they deal heavy with personification to convey messages that have to do with very human emotions and topics. Examples of this are Inside Out , Monsters Inc, Cars, Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, and Finding Nemo to name a few. Count this movie among them, unlike the second one where the story was weak and the characters were thin and the plot seemed forced and predictable. This movie, for the most part flows, there are issues with the pacing of the film especially towards the second act. I would venture to say this would be towards the top of the box office this summer; most Pixar movies tend to do well in the summer. I believe that initially this movie will not do so well but that once word of mouth spreads it will gain traction. This reason being that the second film in this franchise wasn’t so well received, so people will be hesitant with this movie, as was I. However, I do recommend this film to the family as a whole since it has messages that both kids and adults can relate to. I found myself laughing in several moments during the movie, not much of its progression is forced, which is good. There were some plot holes that were there but you tend to ignore that because you realize it is a kid’s movie so why get picky with some of the logic? I know some people will nit pick the movie since it talks about cars aging, having kids, going to school and bullies. I think people will try to tear that logic apart, but as stated above this is Pixar’s way of doing business. If you come into any movie you can tear it apart really but sometimes you have to just stop and enjoy the movie to really appreciate the movie and get the message its trying to convey.

In short, this is an enjoyable movie and puts the Cars franchise back to it’s true form. I see this as a definite success for Pixar and that it will not be their second film to go full rotten on the Tomato Meter. I recommend this for the entire family, especially now that the school year is over for most kids.

Cars 3 (2017)
Director: Brian Fee
Studio: Pixar
Genre: Family, Comedy, Animated
Release Date: June 16th, 2017
Author: Raymundo Ortiz
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