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Carol Movie Review


Carol is not a film to walk into lightly; I should let you know this now as you read this review and not once you are sitting in the theater expecting some basic love story. It isn’t that. It couldn’t be that because there is so much complexity that has to be shown and not said. That’s right SHOWN, because instead of relying solely on the acting of the lead characters or the script, director Todd Haynes instead has you watch and infer using your brain to figure out what is happening on the screen.


Carol stars Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara as Carol and Therese (Te-rez) as a pair of women who meet by happenstance and form a relationship, that is first defined as friendship, which leads to companionship before advancing to love. The aspect of two women in love or two men in love has blazed its own trail in cinema and television but they usually rely on the forbidden nature of their love, or the exposure of it, which then shocks all their family and loved ones. Instead this film tackles the bigger picture; the normalcy of their relationship, the basic parts of their relationship that are much like our own.

Carol_2Todd Haynes made sure to make a visual spectacle of this showing. Seeing characters in muddled situations to play up their mixed emotions and their uncertainty, before leading to these beautiful moments of clarity, of complete understanding, that best highlighted those feelings and emotions. It reminded me of my own relationships, where you have that really interesting forming moments within the first few months, when you are still in development with someone else. The theater was full of whispers after every saucey scene even hearing one woman exclaim about the timeless beauty of Carol and how “f%€#able” she looked. It’s no wonder this film is up for a  Golden Globe nomination for Best Picture -Drama , or for Best Costumes, it was fantastic through and through if at parts a little slow still very moving and beautiful.

Carol_4I will say that at times I found myself drifting from the storyline, maybe because I was expecting it to “pick up” at some point. But it isn’t an action film, it’s a drama there is no pick up, it’s a life-like representation of a relationship going through ups and downs, set in a time period where their relationship should not exist. I would suggest this film to those of you who are looking for the first movie that doesn’t plague the homosexual relationship as a taboo subject but as any other relationship we have seen in cinema. Granted, I haven’t watched every movie about homosexual relationships but I did find that in this film I could replace either character with their heterosexual counterpart and it still kept an overlying focus on being in love, falling in love and finding out what that means which is realistically what every drama with a heterosexual couple in it is about. If you can’t find Carol in a theater in your town it’s okay, it has been on limited release in select cities since November of 2015 and will be released on Blu-Ray/DVD next month.


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Carol (2015)
Director:  Todd Haynes
Studio:  The Weinstein Company
Genre:  Drama, Romance
Limited Release Date:  November 20th, 2015
Author:  Natasha Paiva


Natasha Paiva Natasha Paiva is a San Diego native born and raised along the shores of Ocean Beach and hills of Point Loma. Natasha is a graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in English Literature, California currently she writes in her free time while working full time for a tech company. She hopes to one day see one of her scripts produced into a film, or one of her books published.