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Big Hero 6 Movie Review


Big Hero 6 is Disney’s latest animated film and a big jump from the Tangled and Frozen fantasy genre to a future sci-fi movie.  Big Hero 6 is also the first Disney animated film to be based off a Marvel Comic Book Series. While Big Hero 6 is based off a Marvel Comic, it is not based in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so don’t expect Iron Man or Captain America to be showing up.


Big Hero 6 is about a boy genius named, Hiro Hamada, living in San Fransokyo who spends his nights swindling people in robot fights.  One night after Hiro’s older brother shows him how his time could be better spent at a university creating and innovating technology.  Hiro decides to join the University and creates a invention that could change the world.  Hiro’s new invention is stolen and now Hiro and his friends have to work together to get the invention back before the thief can mass produce it and use it to topple a city.

Big Hero 6 looks fantastic and forgoes the song and dance numbers and instead replaces them with car chases and action packed fight scenes.  Big Hero 6 takes more from movies like the Incredibles and the Avengers and inserts a ton of humor to boost.

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What I enjoyed about the movie was the pacing, the movie never skipped a beat and it never let a scene drag on.  The action was fun and the jokes were hilarious with a nice bit of that Disney heartfelt magic/  Kids will enjoy all the heroes and probably all have their favorites, especially Baymax who steals the show with many hilarious scenes.  Hiro, the main hero of the movie comes off as a well-developed character and we watch as he has to deal with loss, battles of  depression, and episodes of raw anger and vengeance.

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While the characters, humor, and effects are fantastic, the movie does feel at times like a run of the mill action movie that hits all the usual tropes.  This movie isn’t going to change your world, but just like all the comic book movies that have come before it, the ride is plenty of fun with some nice twist and turns.  Overall I think this is a vastly enjoyable movie that will keep both adults and kids entertained.  If you do enjoy this film I highly recommend watching The Incredibles, Wreck-it Ralph, and any of the great Marvel movies, that aren’t Iron-man 2 or 3.

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