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Beauty and the Beast: Movie Review


Disney’s foray into adapting their classic animated films continues this year with Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson as Belle and the likes of Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen as supporting characters. This star-studded adaptation comes after the successes of The Jungle Book and Cinderella, the latter being the first adaptation that Disney made. Compared to these first two films, Beauty and the Beast clearly has a bigger budget, likely due to the successes of the first films; this means the studio is now willing to let go of more of their money and views it less of a risk and more of an investment. This does the film a lot of good because it adds more to the film in terms of quality and effects, which is needed since there is more magic involved in Beauty and the Beast than in the other two films combined.

As stated earlier, the big budget is apparent due to the visual and acting quality. There is a stark difference in quality between Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella, which I decided to revisit, both are good films but you can tell where more money was spent. Besides the money being spent on this adaptation Beauty and the Beast is a musical just like its animated counterpart, while Cinderella had all its musical numbers taken out and took away the mice’s ability to talk. For Belle and the rest of the cast, they kept their musical numbers as well as having some added from the play and, to me, what sounded like an original song made for this adaptation. The design of the various sets was very well done, to the point that it looks like a good quality timepiece, which it is. The characters of Cogsworth and Lumière were very well designed and looked to me like a good job from the effects department. The only thing that was strange to me in terms of visual effects was Chip, others have objected to how he looks, and the wardrobe as well. Other than that there really was nothing wrong in terms of visual effects.

 Casting Emma Watson to play Belle is a great decision in my opinion. The only issue I have with her taking this role is her accent, what I mean by that, is her consistency. There seem to be times where she is going for a more American accent and times where she goes for her normal British accent. Which I know is odd seeing as her normal accent would’ve been fine since the story takes place in France. Ewan McGregor was great with his exaggerated French accent as Lumière, a bit unrecognizable at first, but great nonetheless. Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson were also great in their voice acting with again Ian McKellen being a bit hard to recognize. Which isn’t a bad thing because that just means that they dove into the character. All performances were great from the entire cast and the execution of the musical numbers.

*** Warning: Spoiler Ahead***

They keep the story progression true to the animated classic, except one minor subplot involving LeFou, Gaston’s sidekick, where it turns out that he is gay and not only does Gaston’s bidding he also is attracted to him. Now people aren’t happy about that minor change, Malaysia censoring it altogether, I personally don’t mind it because it doesn’t alter the story. I just don’t understand why people are worked up about a gay man in a film about a young woman falling in love with a beast.

*** End of Spoilers***

But that is my opinion on the matter, anyone else is entitled to their own opinion and can choose to watch the film or not.

In short, this movie was a good remake of the Disney classic, it looked beautiful, the acting was good and the story was as good as I remember it. I do recommend you go watch this with the whole family.

Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Director:  Bill Condon
Studio:  Walt Disney Studios
Genre:  Family, Fantasy, Romance, Musical
Release Date:  March 17th, 2017
Author:  Raymundo Ortiz
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