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Based On Preview: Crawl – Little Bit Day After Tomorrow,  A Little Bit Lake Placid


OK MovieFloss readers you know the drill, this is my review based on the preview. The idea is I’m going to attempt to write a review based purely on the previews. Then after viewing the movie I’ll go back and see how far off I was

Review based on the Preview (written 7/11/19)

Crawl is a little bit Day After Tomorrow,  a little bit Lake Placid, a little bit JAWS. Crawl is the type of  action thriller that finds its way into theaters every other year or so. With this one Barry Pepper (The Green Mile) is trapped in a house in Florida during a “perfect storm” that floods the everglades into a residential neighborhood. His daughter, played by  Kaya Scodelario (Maze Runner) , shows up to save him but to her surprise rain isn’t the only thing the storm brought with it. In this too good for SyFy movie we get big budget special effects and a b movie script. With all that said, it’s exactly what I look for in this kind of summer fun movie. You don’t need to think or get too involved just sit in the dark and enjoy the spectacle. There are plenty of edge of your seat thrills that play off exactly as you expect  them to. I smiled my way through a bucket of popcorn and soda while watching the “terror” unfold. Crawl doesn’t take itself too seriously. It knows that it’s a summer fun movie so if all you want iis a fun hour and a half, you’ll definitely get it from Crawl. If you are looking for an intellectual Oscar worthy flick,  this isn’t it but I don’t think it wants to be. Do yourself a favor. Leave work now. Go get a drink with a friend and then sit down and watch Crawl. If anything you got to leave your job a little early and you can thank me for that.

Review now that I’ve actually seen the movie (written 7/12/19)

Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper star in CRAWL from Paramount Pictures. Photo Credit: Courtesy Paramount Pictures.

The original idea that Crawl is the love child of Lake Placid and JAWS was not far off. I’d say it was more Lake Placid 2 and JAWS the Revenge though. If you’ve seen the trailer for Crawl then you have seen probably 75% of the movie. The other 25% is trying to piece it all together with some sort of estranged father daughter story.  The movie  is nothing more than popcorn and soda level summer movie fun. Recently there has been a steady stream of animal attack movies, like the Shallows and 47 Meters deep. If I had to put these kinds of movies in any kind of order, I’d have to say JAWS is in the lead by far with Deep Blue Sea somewhere in the top 5. Crawl doesn’t even make my list of Top Ten.  Are there plenty of other movies to spend your money on? YES! Should you go see Crawl… If seeing it on a big screen with decent surround sound is important to you, then I’d say yes. If not, I’m sure this movie will be available on just about any streaming service early next year. At that point get some take out, pop open your favorite beverage, and press play.


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Crawl – 2019
DIRECTOR:Alexandre Aja
GENRE:Action, Horror Suspense
RELEASE DATE:July 12 2019
AUTHOR:Rich Romero
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