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Avengers : Endgame – The End of an Era


I now know what it’s like to hold the power of the six infinity stones. Because I can only assume it feels as intensely disarming and horrifying to know more than the rest of the world about what happens to a team of people that have been in our lives for close to ten years. I sat in a theater full of moviegoers with high expectations, low emotional thresholds and bladders made of steel. It is my astute recommendation that you have all three of these as you head into Avengers: Endgame , you will need each as you face various trials throughout each scene. 

With movies like this it is so difficult to discuss plot and storyline because I can’t tell you anything. I can tell you from the first scene of Endgame that your heart is tied to a string, at times it is taut and feels like it can literally pull your heart out of your chest and other times is as weightless as a balloon barely even there. I think that was the goal of the Russo Brothers as we deal with the after-the-snap worldwide crisis. I think they wanted us to remember how these characters have made us feel how we have identified with each in their moments of triumph and loss. 

When I think back to sitting in the theater watching Iron-Man, all I could think about was how our world needed someone like Tony Stark. Someone who made mistakes, who was riddled with flaws but also had a conscience that pointed him sort of Moral-North (admit it the guy is no Cap he’s not perfect and that’s good.) Then came along Steve Rogers – the perfect soldier, fighter, leader. A man literally handpicked from a group of capable men to become the super weapon of the world. As the series of films escalated our connections to these characters did as well. I’m thankful to know these stories – they are nothing like ones that happen in my everyday life. I don’t have a high-tech nerdy friend whose father built half the worlds technology, I don’t have an Asgardian God shooting lightning bolts out of a hammer as he flies through the air to stop villains falling from the sky. I’m just a normal nobody with not much else to offer. But these stories and the characters we all can connect to in some way. 

In Endgame our remaining Avengers are hard at work on a game-plan to reverse the snap, to take back what was lost in a literal blink of an eye. As the story progresses we see how each character is handling the after affects of loss. It’s not like these characters have never lost any one before but this is the first time it is on a global scale and the feeling of failure as both individuals and a team feels deeply rooted in each characters psyche. To stay away from spoilers I will now just tell you what to expect/bring with you/not drink before going into the theater. 

1. Have the high expectation that you will feel a sense of completion and fulfillment at the end of this movie. 

2. Bring tissues ; this is not a joke. I definitely cried more than I laughed and cried harder in some moments than others. I highly suggest that for you make-up wearing folk that you wear waterproof mascara or eyeliner so that as you wipe your eyes you don’t come out of the theater looking like Rocket Raccoon. 

3. DO NOT DRINK GALLONS OF LIQUIDS. This movie has a runtime of three hours that’s 180 minutes. Your row mates and fellow theater-goers will despise you for getting up and disrupting the viewing of this movie by you needing to excuse yourself because you stupidly did not heed my advice and not drink gallons of liquid before going into the theater. 

Please heed my warnings and suggestions, go see this movie on your own time. I understand wanting to see it right away to avoid spoilers but I also know how heavily trafficked opening weekend will be. We’re in the Endgame now, please don’t spoil it for others who couldn’t go opening weekend.

Avengers: Endgame will conclude this decade long saga and tie up the loose ends we’ve all been watching over the years, the character arcs that were once seedlings are now fully blossomed and fragrant. Do not underestimate the power of a completed character arc as I believe it truly carries the weight of the infinity gauntlet.

Avengers: Endgame
DIRECTOR:Anthony & Joe Russo
STUDIO:Marvel Studios
GENRE:Action, Adventure, Fantasy
RELEASE DATE:April 26th, 2019
AUTHOR:Natasha Paiva
Natasha Paiva Natasha Paiva is a San Diego native born and raised along the shores of Ocean Beach and hills of Point Loma. Natasha is a graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in English Literature, California currently she writes in her free time while working full time for a tech company. She hopes to one day see one of her scripts produced into a film, or one of her books published.