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Avengers: Age of Ultron


Regardless of the score, this movie is going to make a lot of money, and technically it already has around the world.  The Avengers is one of the biggest and most anticipated movies since, well the last Avengers movie came out. Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, and even Hawkeye all come back to save the world from an evil robot that sounds like James Spader.

Everything you enjoyed from the first film is back and bigger than ever.  The set pieces are bigger, the effects are bigger, the fights are bigger, and the cast is bigger.  The beginning of the movie starts with a battle to take over a Hydra base and just grows from there.  This time around all the heroes get an even amount of screen time and some more background on some of the cast that doesn’t have their own movie franchises and its done in a quick and clever way to ensure the pacing of the film doesn’t slow down.

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Science Bros for life Banner and Stark
Science Bros for life Banner and Stark

The new villain of the film, Ultron is also a great addition to the film as a powerful robot that wants to create peace in a world full of chaos with a side of humor that makes him fun to watch and keeps him from being too serious of a villain.  The two new cast mates to the Avengers franchise, Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver are fun additions to our group of superheroes. Elizabeth Olsen probably takes the cake for being the most interesting addition.  Olsen showed that she could hang with such an elite cast and even outshine many of them.

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The battles in this movie are over the top and exciting to watch.  Watching the Hulk battle Iron Man in his Hulk buster armor was well done and just awesome to watch.  The amount of destruction done to each city easily reaches Man of Steel levels and the Avengers are doing battle all across the globe this time.

While the action scenes were amazing to watch and the movie hit every expectation you could want with a sequel to The Avengers, this movie is not perfect and suffers from some flaws.  The Avengers this time around have all been bitten by the one liner fairy as they are all tossing out one-liners like they are going out of style.  While this is fun at the beginning of the film it just becomes annoying half way through the movie.  This also becomes a massive issue at the end of the movie because it really takes away from the intensity of the situation and makes you wonder how serious the Avengers are even taking the situation at hand.

The battles are longer than they were before and can get a bit boring at times just by the sheer length and amount of action scenes in this movie.  The army of robots also doesn’t look as interesting on screen as the army of aliens that we saw in the first film.  There aren’t giant ships or giant robots, only the one type of robot that easily can be destroyed.

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Ultron, while a fun villain to watch just doesn’t seem to be very threatening to the Avengers and at times just feels like a repeat of Loki from the first film.  Also, there is a forced love story between Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff that just came out of nowhere [I mean if only they had other movies where they could have planted the seeds in] and it just doesn’t really have any chemistry to make it work.

The Avengers is a great film that fans of the first must watch and I can guarantee that they will all enjoy.  The effects, the fights, the cast, and just about everything is turned up from the first movie, however it also seems to be the main problem with the movie.  It really just feels like too much or more of the same.  It feels like Joss Whedon was relying too much on the formula of the first movie, 20 minutes of action with 5 minutes of story followed by 30 minutes of action, etc. There are some really great surprises and it doesn’t disappoint in getting you excited for the next set of movies.  I just think that maybe they should continue pushing the envelope and trying new things like they did with Captain America 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy, rather than just recycle.


Avengers 3Overall, as much as I didn’t enjoy some of the movie and watched something different, that doesn’t take away from the fact that I enjoyed the movie and am excited to see what happens next.