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Will Wellman is a software trainer based in San Diego California. During his free time Will is typically hanging out with his corgi Hemingway, writing a podcast/novel/script and scarfing down a burrito.

It: Chapter Two Movie Review

Horror is a genre of filmmaking which is hard to rate. Unlike other genres, the acting in a horror film can be awful (most of the time, it is), but yet, if the director can set a tone and mood which carries throughout the film, we can usually look past the terrible acting…usually. On the […]

Top 5 Foreign Horror Films You Need to Watch

Let’s not pull any punches, American horror is no longer king. Sure, we make more horror movies than any other country, but how many of them are actually frightening and good? Maybe 1 a year. Those are worse odds than the odds that Ben Carson leading a Gay Pride Parade. Thankfully, during the American horror […]