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Pitch Perfect movie review

Directed by Jason Moore Written by Kay Cannon (screenplay), Mickey Rapkin (book) Pitch Perfect movie review – When it comes to blending music and comedy, “Pitch Perfect” really does have great harmony. This is a snarky coming-of-age film about the world of competitive Collegiate A Cappella groups. There are some great laugh-out-loud moments, and while the […]

Looper Movie Review

Looper Movie Review – There’s a touch of western and film noir in the future set time travel movie “Looper,” but it’s really great performances and an unpredictable moral bending plot that will have people scratching their heads in gleeful discussion. This is probably the best cerebral action movie since “Inception,” one that will make people […]

Total Recall 2012 Movie Review

Total Recall 2012 Movie Review – There have been a few movies based on Phillip K. Dick stories that challenge the possibilities of science fiction and psychological turmoil: Minority Report, Blade Runner, and A Scanner Darkly. Total Recall was already adapted into a Schwarzenegger starring  blockbuster in 1990. While the first adaptation was action packed, cheesy, […]

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Review– Directed by Marc Webb Written by James Vanderbilt, Alvin Sargent, Steve Kloves High flying adventure is being thrown at your face, whether we are ready for it or not. A mere ten years after Sam Raimi’s version, a new take on the web slinger is back with Marc Webb helming […]

Rock of Ages Movie Review

Stop me if you’ve heard this before. “Just a small town girl…” As fun as it is to hear sometimes, pretty much the entire contents of “Rock of Ages” is stuff you’ve heard before, but performed better. It’s based on a cheesy stage musical that pays tribute to the jukebox hair metal anthems, power ballads, […]

Snow White and the Huntsmen Movie Review

When you have such great source material that most everyone knows, big stars, and a huge budget, it might seem hard to mess up a retelling of the fairy tale “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.” There are two shows that feature fairy tales on TV, and a built in audience of generations raised by […]

The Avengers Movie Review

The Avengers Movie Review – (PG-13) (142 min.) Reviewed by Chris Daily Sometimes you have something to prove. When all odds are against you and you’ve basically lost the fight, everyone thinks there’s no way you can win, you have nothing to lose and everything to prove. We could be talking about the heroes of ‘The […]

The Cabin in the Woods Movie Review

The Cabin in the Woods Movie Review – I’m not going to say much about “Cabin in the Woods,” because I can’t. What I can tell you is that there’s a cabin, it’s in the woods, some college kids go there for a weekend trip, and some bad stuff goes down. Sound familiar? Just wait. You […]

This Means War Movie Review

This Means War Movie Review – Really beautiful people making fun and making out with each other can be fun to watch, but This Means War takes it to such a ridiculous level that it’s almost insulting to watch. It’s appealing to girls because you have two hot guys (one British!), and for guys because it’s […]

The Grey Movie Review

The Grey Movie Review – Let’s face it. Most of us wouldn’t last one day if we were stranded in a frozen Alaskan wasteland. We’d be the guy that wanders off from the pack and gets picked off by the monster. We would be wolf meat. Unless we had Liam Neeson to motivate us into a […]

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Movie Review

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Movie Review – Directed by Steven Daldry Written by Eric Roth (screenplay), Jonathan Safran Foer (novel) Haley Joel Osment. Dakota Fanning. Macaulay Culkin. I’m not a big fan of child actors. They tend to overact. Their big doting eyes emoting what the directors have told them to do. It’s hard to […]

Glee 3D Concert Movie Review

Glee: the 3D concert movie Review Directed by Kevin Tancharoen rating: 3 slurpee cups As 3D movies go, concert films don’t really have a lot to offer. There’s some pyrotechnics, a few protruding mic handles, or in the case of Glee: 3D, Heather Morris’ boobs. But fear not, Glee fans, that’s what her character “Brittany” […]