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Les Miserables Movie Review

“Sam Yakou’s Review” Les Miserables Movie Review – When The King’s Speech had finished it’s successful run at the box office — and awards shows — director Tom Hooper was in a unique position. Having just won the Best Director Oscar he was offered a project suitable for his experience as a dramatist; Iron Man 3. […]

Argo Movie Review

Argo Movie Review – The Canadian Caper was a valiant rescue mission executed by the Canadian government to rescue six Americans trapped in Tehran during the seizure of the American Embassy in 1979. Or so we thought. After being declassified in the 1990s we learn the true extent of the CIA’s involvement in the mission. Argo […]

Solomon Kane Movie Review

Solomon Kane Movie Review – Solomon Kane has worked really hard to get to the big screen.  The origin story of a puritan mercenary in Tudor England based on Robert E. Howard’s 1920s pulp comic was in development hell for several years before finally getting the green light in 2008.  The following year saw it’s release […]

Trouble with the Curve Movie Review

Trouble with the Curve Movie Review – There are few legends in Hollywood as relevant today as Clint Eastwood. From being the biggest movie star in the world to one of the most lauded moviemakers is no easy feat. Over the course of several decades Eastwood has made that transition. In fact, some would say he […]

Ted Movie Review

Ted Movie Review – One of the most difficult feats to pull off in Hollywood is to make a comedy that appeals to sophisticated audiences and connoisseurs of toilet humor.  Too often the pendulum swings too far in one direction and leaves both audiences somewhat unsatisfied.  Enter Seth MacFarlane.  The Family Guy maestro makes his […]

Prometheus Movie Review by Sam Yakou

Ancient Greek mythology tells us Prometheus was the champion for mankind; stealing fire from Zeus to light the way for mortals.  As retribution Zeus sent Pandora to live with man.  We all know how that turns out.  Ridley Scott’s Prometheus is a different kind of mythology.  Despite proclamations that this is not an Alien prequel, […]

Battleship Movie Review

Movies based on a toy line seemed silly, but they often have a backstory that established their premise.  A movie based on a board game is much more risky proposition.  Peter Berg is exactly the kind of director to take up the challenge.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t pay off. The main plot is that NASA has […]

Dark Shadows Movie Review

When Dark Shadows was airing on ABC in the late 60’s the campy goth soap opera attracted legions of fans.  Amongst them Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.  Four decades later their devotion bears fruit.  Burton’s Dark Shadows is a deliciously macabre and kitschy remaining of the seminal soap opera. Depp stars as Barnabas Collins, the […]

We need to talk about Kevin Movie Review

Adapted from Lionel Shriver’s novel of the same name, We Need to Talk About Kevin is a psychological thriller from Scottish filmmaker Lynne Ramsay.  The movie is a grim narrative that is both compelling and disturbing.  It features a remarkable performance from star Tilda Swinton. And a strong supporting cast that includes John C. Reilly […]

Man on a Ledge Movie Review

Man on a Ledge Movie Review – Sam Worthington continues his steady climb up Hollywood’s A-list following his roles in Avatar and The Debt with Man on a Ledge. While clearly a vehicle for Worthington, the cast features many familiar faces and showcases Worthington without an overabundance of special effects. Worthington stars as Nick Cassidy, an […]

War Horse Movie Review

War Horse is Steven Spielberg’s latest film. Adapted from the children’s novel by Michael Morpurgo, the film is a grandiose and inspiring tale of friendships forged and broken across Europe during the Great War. Utilizing all of Spielberg’s hallmark touches, War Horse will undoubtedly bring in filmgoers this holiday season looking for the wholesome entertainment […]

J. Edgar Movie review

Movie Review ‘J. Edgar,’ Starring Leonardo DiCaprio – There are few directors in Hollywood with the star power and talent of Clint Eastwood.  While his accomplishments as an actor are legendary Eastwood has transformed himself into one of the finest filmmakers in the world.  His style is understated and elegant, offering just enough to keep an […]