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Kimmy is originally from Northern California, but has been a San Diego resident for the last five years and currently resides in Hillcrest.  She graduated from San Diego State University with a Theatre Arts (Performance) degree and continues to pursue acting and performing in the local San Diego area. She lives with her 3 roommates, who are also movie enthusiasts, and who let her obsess and over analyze everything they watch together to her hearts content.  She has dabbled in creative writing in the form of song writing, poetry, journals, and play writing.  She also loves dogs and would like to own all of them.

Sit Back But Don’t Relax: Theater Etiquette 101

One of my favorite things to do at the movies is to find people in the audience on their phones…and tell them to turn it off.  It honestly gives me a sense of pride and satisfaction to attempt to preserve the etiquette of theater-going.  In recent years, a lack of audience etiquette has been a […]

Step : Movie Review

During this time of social change, we are seeing more and more representation of black women in film and television.  They are demanding to be seen and heard in outlets such as the much-anticipated Black Panther film, the new Star Trek television series reboot, and prominent roles previously given to Caucasian women like Zendaya as […]
girl trip

Girls Trip Movie Review

Having recently just seen the female led comedy Rough Night, I came in expecting something similar from Malcolm D. Lee’s Girls Trip. What I got was not only very different, but extremely enjoyable.  A departure from Lee’s typically male dominated ensembles, this comedy gold written and starring black women, plays an important role in representation by allowing the […]

Despicable Me 3: Movie Review

Upon my viewing of Despicable Me 3, one other movie came to my mind: The 6th Day.  If you don’t know this movie, essentially the main thing I remember about it is that the main character, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, keeps getting cloned and every time he does the clones get more and more stupid.  And […]

The Trailer Theory : Meat Suit or Mindful Thinker?

The idea for my discussion on this topic stemmed from a text I got from my roommate last week to our roomie group chat: “Guys!  Black Panther trailer just came out! Check it out!” Even at work I dropped what I was doing to sneak onto the computer and catch a glimpse of the mini-cinematic […]