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Braulio Ramirez is a graduate from the University of California at Berkeley, where he majored in history and contributed to The Daily Californian as a movie critic. He currently resides in San Diego, California, where he was born and raised, and now spends most of his time discovering new coffee places to load up on caffeine and inspiration. On his spare time, he tries to write.

Desierto: An Interview with Director & Writer Jonás Cuarón

Jonás Cuarón came up with the idea for his latest movie Desierto ten years ago. It took him two years, however, to start writing the first draft of the script. “I didn’t know how to approach it,” he told me during an interview. The only thing he knew at the time was that he wanted […]

The Girl on the Train: Movie Review

In The Girl on the Train, Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt), a young woman with an overactive imagination, takes the city-bound train every morning and sits on the third car next to a window. From her seat, she has the perfect view of 15th Beckett Street, where an attractive childless couple live (played by Luke Evans […]

Denial: Movie Review

The Holocaust is one if not the most well-known events in world history. Even those who would never consider themselves well versed in matters of history know what it is, and most would even offer up an opinion about its horrors and perverted psychology. No other historical event has produced as many books, inspired so […]

Queen of Katwe: Movie Review

On the surface, Queen of Katwe is an inspirational story about a young chess-prodigy from Uganda who manages to become a Grandmaster player. It’s based on the real-life story of Phiona Mutesi, a street girl who lived with her single mother and three other siblings, who survive by selling maize in Katwe, a sprawling slum […]

Snowden: Movie Review

Secrecy = Security = Victory. It’s the mantra by which the CIA and NSA operate in Snowden, Oliver Stone’s latest film. There’s something deeper than paranoia or mistrust lurking within the walls of these American organizations. We get the sense this is the case from Corbin O’Brian, a senior officer in the CIA recruiting top-talent […]