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Review: Alice in Wonderland

Review: Alice in Wonderland


This was defiantly a Tim Burton movie! i thought he did a great job connecting the old Alice in Wonderland to this one. In the movie Alice is 19 years old. She has always had these weird dreams about Wonderland. One day when she was at her engagement party, she sees the little white rabbit.

She goes down the Rabbit hole back to Wonderland once again. But for most of the movie she thinks it is a dream. Mr. Rabbit had to go get Alice because something terrible has happened in Wonderland. The Queen of hearts has abused her power too much. Everyone then looks at Alice to help save the world.

Audrey you prolly know my name cuz of the big letters by my picture. lolz I am from Monterey, CA. I have always loved watching movies. i would go to the theater almost every weekend (when it was cheap). I have been really into kids movies lately. They have just been soooo good! some of my favorite movies/ tv shows are: Taken, Donnie Darko, Eternal Sunshine on a Spotless Mind, Alice in Wonderland, Up, Planet 51, Blade, Beetlejuice, Brothers, Weeds, That 70s Show