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A Good Day to Die Hard Movie Review

A Good Day to Die Hard Movie Review


A Good Day to Die Hard Movie Review – It was a good day to die hard Bruce Willis! The fifth installment of the Die Hard series does little to live up to the original or any of the others after it. The original gave us the working class hero, evil villains that were just extreme enough, awesome dialogue complete with one-liners that transcended generations and finally, giant explosions and fierce gunfights! What the latest installment, A Good Day to Die Hard, brings is a ton of action, so much so that it borderlines as a supernatural thriller and is not at all believable, less than stellar casting and a lackluster dialogue/plot.

The plot is just about as mundane and predictable as one can tolerate. John McClane (Bruce Willis for those of you who don’t know) travels to rescue his estranged son, who apparently has fallen into some kind of trouble in Moscow. Turns out his son, played by actor Jai Courtney, is a CIA agent entrusted with keeping a Russian dignitary out of harms way because he possess information about a corrupt president. Now I wrapped up the plot in about two sentences, so can someone please tell me why it takes 55 minutes to provide the moviegoer with that same information in a movie that is 97 minutes total?

The opening scene sets the tone with a car chase that includes large tank like vehicles being wheeled around as if they were sports cars with highly tuned suspensions, RPGs, and culminates with Mercedes SUV that apparently can go off-roading? Now that might sound like every boy’s or men’s fantasy, but it doesn’t do over the top with a dose of realism and comedy that the original Die Hard did. All we see is a bunch of stuff being blown up, minor gunfire exchange and a few tuck and roll style jumps. It even eliminated the final showdown fight between McClane and the “evil” villian that really made the previous installments.

Director John Moore missed the mark. He failed to utilize moments that could have been very Die-Hard like and instead uses digital effects to an absurdly large level. I am assuming because he believed that all Die Hard fans just go to see Sh$t blow up and don’t enjoy the quick-witted, snarky responses by our favorite action hero. In fact we hear very little dialogue from Willis or anyone for that matter and his characters original charisma is lost.

Ultimately, this movie does not bring back the warm fuzzies that the original Die Hard brought to moviegoers of all demographics. Instead, it leaves you wanting to go home and re-watch the original film just to get the bad taste out of your mouth. Bruce Willis is just a shell of who he used to be and the one line, you know that one line (Yippee Kay Yay Mother..) did not have the same effect.


A Good Day to Die Hard Movie Review