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War Dogs: Movie Review


War Dogs 4Some say that this war on terror is to fight against those who want to destroy our freedom and this great nation. Others will say this war on terror is to make those who have the power money these people are known as War Dogs. This is a movie based on a true story about a 20-something and a masseur running a major weapons contracting company called AEY Inc. It has been promoted mostly as a comedy movie starring Jonah Hill (Efraim Diveroli) and Miles Teller (David Packouz), and although funny, I found it to be more of an action movie with hints of comedy. Now after watching this film I was compelled to go home and do some research on this movie to see when this company was active and how accurate this movie was. The movie states it’s based off a Rolling Stone article about the two arms dealers, which I haven’t read, so apart from the actual $300 million contract that got them caught everything else I have yet to verify. Yet despite that huge hole in my ongoing research, it was an enjoyable movie.

War Dogs 1This film was reminiscent of The Wolf of Wall Street in terms of how the characters were portrayed and how the pace of the movie played out. Compared to The Wolf of Wall Street, I actually enjoyed this movie more; mostly because of the action and  partly for how it shows people how government contracting works. It shows the upside and huge downside to government contracting, where everything is given to the lowest bidder which often leads to some equipment being subpar or equipment being overpriced too. It also shows us how the government may use these avenues to do indirect deals with seedier characters in the world, but that’s just a theory. Apart from all that the action and comedy given to us in this movie is really enjoyable and does a lot to further the plot, no beat in this film is wasted. One thing that bothered me immensely is that Jonah Hill looked nothing like the person he was portraying in the film; did they use him just to have a big name attached to the film?

Besides that the narration done by Miles Teller was a nice way of explaining the plot and giving us an War Dogs 2insight on his character. The quotes shown during the film as well were good ways to show us how the film had been split into sections and guess on who was going to say that particular quote. The dynamic amongst all major characters was very good too and it has us feeling for David (Teller) while at times pitying and hating Efraim (Hill), yet the wife of David seemed to just be tacked on in there for no reason. The lead up to the big contract that got them caught was most of the film, starting off with the deal that is shown in the trailer of them going to Baghdad. I like that you don’t see the whole movie in the trailer like most movies seem to do nowadays.

It is definitely one of the best movies I have seen this summer, yet there isn’t much to choose from since most movies this summer have been B movies in my opinion. I must say even as a huge fan of hero movies, which we have had plenty of this summer, I would have to put this above all those movies just because of the plot and uniqueness. I feel since this is based on a true story there of course won’t be many plot holes since everything usually has a resolution in real life, which is nice compared to some movies with huge plot holes (Looking at you Batman v Superman). In the end, I definitely recommend this movie; as of now it is my favorite movie of the year.

War Dogs 3

War Dogs (2016)
Director:  Todd Phillips
Studio:  Warner Brothers
Genre:  Comedy, Drama
Release Date:  August 19th, 2016
Author:  Raymundo Ortiz
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