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The Lone Ranger Movie Review – Johnny Depp & Armie Hammer


The Lone Ranger Movie Review – Johnny Depp & Armie Hammer – After conquering the seven seas with Pirates of the Caribbean, Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp take on the wild west in their newest film, The Lone Ranger.  The Lone Ranger is a reboot of the 1930’s classic radio show of the same name.  The movie tells the origin story of The Lone Ranger and how he came to be the masked hero he would be remembered for.

The Lone Ranger Images
The Lone Ranger Images

Johnny Depp stars as Tonto, a Native American on a mission of revenge who ends up teaming with The Lone Ranger, played by Armie Hammer.  Hammer, probably best known for his role as the Winklevoss twins from the Social Network, brings a great energy to the Lone Ranger that practically steals the show from the eccentric Tonto.  Hammer’s portrayal of the hero is great and played with a great sense of purity and hope.  The Lone Ranger is a classic hero who fights for justice and Hammer makes you feel that from the character and Hammer’s build, height, and shiny white smile really drives home the classic look of the good old hero that one would find back in the 30’s.   While the Ranger is played in a similar light of the old, Tonto on the other hand takes a dramatic change in character.  Tonto in this film is essentially Jack Sparrow if he was Native American and decided to feed his hat.  The feel of the character is similar, if not a far nobler Jack Sparrow, with the same slow speech, strange movement, and makeup.  While Depp is fantastic in this film and yet again shows how great of an actor he can be, it just makes the film feel way too much like Pirates.

While not a bad thing because the Pirates movies are fun to watch, this movie does feel like yet another Pirates movie.   The pacing is faster and doesn’t feel as long as a normal Pirates movie, but the movie is over 2 hours long, which is apparently the new standard summer movie length.

As you would expect with the Pirates movies, the Lone Ranger looks fantastic.  The landscapes, towns, and scenery is gorgeous and really puts you into the wild west.  The action scenes are exciting and the humor helps breakup the film and provides a pacing to keep the film moving.  While the movie may have some dark undertones every now and then, the movie never gives you time to let sad moments sink in as they quickly come in with some humor to keep the movie feeling light.  While a nice way to keep the movie going, this does create problems with trying to feel and worry for the characters.  I mean, we know the Lone Ranger isn’t going to be killed but at the very least lead me on a few times or let me see him grieving over something painful and not just insert something funny to move onto the next scene.

Overall the movie is a fun ride that will have both kids and adults cheering and laughing along.  A definite must for Pirates and western fans alike.

The Lone Ranger Movie Review – Johnny Depp & Armie Hammer


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