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When Oh, a loveable yet accident prone visitor from another planet, arrives with the rest of his Boovs on Earth with the intention of relocating the human population, and claiming the rest of the planet for themselves, everything seems to be going according to plan until Oh makes a hug mistake. Having never fit in among his fellow Boovs, Oh sends out a global evite to his housewarming party after no one shows up. Unfortunately for Oh, that global evite is really a Universal evite which means that the invitation will eventually reach the Boovs mortal enemies the Gorg, and lead them directly to their newfound home on Earth. As a fugitive Boov, Oh teams up with an unlikely human ally; a young girl named Tip who is on her own quest to find her mother who she was separated from during the conquest. Together they set out to find Tip’s mother, fix Ohs mistake, and save the Earth from the Gorg. Along the way the learn friendship, bravery, what exactly it means to be Human and Boov.


Oh and his Boov Brethren
Oh and his Boov Brethren

Home is a cute movie. It’s funny at times, charming at others, and surprisingly heartwarming. The chemistry between Oh, voiced by Jim Parsons, and Tip, voiced by Rihanna, is strong and you actually end up vested in their friendship and story. It’s a good way to spend a few hours on a weekend, especially if you have children to bring along. They’ll definitely enjoy it.

Tip (Rhianna) and Oh (Jim Parsons)
Tip (Rhianna) and Oh (Jim Parsons)

My only criticism with Home is that it seems recycled. It’s a hodgepodge of ideas, jokes, and characters based on other animated features of the last decade plus. The Boovs are heavily influenced by the popularity of the Minions from the Despicable Me films, down to the expected dance performance before the credits roll and the friendship between Oh and Tip is very reminiscent of Lilo and Stitch, to name a few similarities. It’s not the worst thing for an animated feature who’s main purpose is simply to entertain but it does make Home forgettable in the long run. It’s a fun movie, and definitely worth a watch, but it won’t have the lasting power of a Toy Story, or a Monsters Inc., or anything else that Pixar makes for that matter. That being said, the kiddos will like it, and the character design for the evil Gorg’s and their ships is pretty awesome, so check it out at least once before it joins DreamWorks collection of pleasant, but ultimately forgettable films.

Angela Colgan Angela Colgan is a San Diego native who recently graduated from college with a double major in Visual Arts Media with a film emphasis and History with an emphasis in war, revolution, and social change. She is currently employed at a local start up video production company, working on a few short online comedy series’ that will eventually launch on their own internet television website. A fan of movies since a very early age, Angela has been appreciating, arguing about, and reviewing films amongst family and friends her entire life, often much to their annoyance. A fan of all genres of film, she is particularly a fan of old movie classics, horror films in all of their different manifestations, and one-liner filled action romps from the late 1980’s and early 90’s. She hopes to work in the commercial film industry in the near future in either post-production editing, or sound design.


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