Life: Movie Review

Once again, I subjected myself to a space thriller as my love for sci-fi outweighed my fear of anything and everything outside of our atmosphere. Luckily, like Arrival, Life pleasantly terrified me. While you can expect some of the typical devices of films of this kind, writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Deadpool), along with […]
The Great Wall Poster

The Great Wall – Movie Review

I always thought the Great Wall of China was protection from the Mongol horde. Turns out it was really a defense against huge reptile monsters. Who knew? The Great Wall, starring Matt Damon, tells the made-up history of the iconic fortification-turned-tourist-attraction. There’s no allegory here. This is a straight-up monster movie. This movie blends near-constant […]

Split Movie Review

Split Movie Review: M. Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller, Split, is a complex story of a man living with 24 distinct personalities, played masterfully by James McAvoy. M. Night returns to write and direct in the genre he’s become synonymous with, and once again delivers an unexpected twist. Not a spoiler since it’s what we’ve come […]
Patriots Day Poster

Patriots Day: Movie Review

I never expected Patriots Day to be the first feel-good movie of 2017, but I didn’t think it would make me so uncomfortable. I knew I’d see the gruesome aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, but that wasn’t the problem. I also knew the bombers violently clashed with police, but I was good there, too. […]

Inferno: Movie Review

With apologies to die-hard Da Vinci Code fans (I’m assuming that’s a thing), Inferno was my introduction to the adventures of symbologist/professor Robert Langdon, played once again by Tom Hanks. This third installment in the Da Vinci Code franchise reunites Hanks and director Ron Howard ten years after the release of the original. I guess […]

Operation Avalanche Movie Review

Conspiracy theories are stories we tell ourselves because we want to believe they’re true, from the grassy knoll to little green men at Area 51. These stories are modern fairy tales, letting us keep believing there’s a secret world where strange and fantastic things happen, where it’s dark and danger is everywhere. In an Internet-everywhere […]

Snowden: Movie Review

Secrecy = Security = Victory. It’s the mantra by which the CIA and NSA operate in Snowden, Oliver Stone’s latest film. There’s something deeper than paranoia or mistrust lurking within the walls of these American organizations. We get the sense this is the case from Corbin O’Brian, a senior officer in the CIA recruiting top-talent […]
Purge Election Year Poster

The Purge: Election Year Movie Review

It’s time to purge again!  The year is 2023 and the eve of the annual holiday of mayhem and murder approaches.  Every year the American government allows one night of effective anarchy where every crime from theft to cold blooded murder become legal for one 12 hour period.  The third installment of the franchise, The […]
Money Monster Poster

Money Monster: Movie Review

  Caution: There are minor spoilers in this review you have been warnedsus It’s all about the money. Or so it seems to be in this suspense-thriller directed by Jodie Foster starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts. This film goes from zero to sixty just a few minutes into it and it does a very […]
Eye in the Sky Poster

Eye in the Sky: Movie Review

I’d like to begin this review by saying that these are my thoughts and opinions on the military, and politics related to military which are solely my own and not a reflection of MovieFloss or their opinions as a company. Alright with that out of the way, Eye in the Sky is not a “HOO-RAH” let’s […]

10 Cloverfield Lane: Movie Review

When the J.J. Abrams produced Cloverfield which landed in theaters back in 2008 it was a film shrouded in mystery. Details were released in increments and no one fully knew what to expect right up until its release. This was no small feat in the internet age, where these days trailers get release dates, and […]

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