The LEGO Batman Movie Poster

The Lego Batman Movie: Review

Nananananananananananana Batman! Lego Batman that is. Following the success of the Lego Movie comes the highly anticipated Lego Batman Movie, and boy it did not disappoint. Much like the Lego Movie this one had similar beats and pacing with a Batman theme added to it. Reprising his role, as Batman is Will Arnett who delivers […]

Trolls: Movie Review

Trolls is so peppy that it enabled me to shrug off the 10 am Saturday morning grogginess, and enjoy a musical comedy computer animated film at what I consider to be the wee hours of the morning. Now, I have zero clue about Trolls dolls as my mom hated them, but I don’t think any […]

Sausage Party: Movie Review

  What would you get if you had Seth Rogen write a Disney movie? The answer is Sausage Party, the newest movie from the mind of Seth Rogen. As I said this is, in terms of some sequences, reminiscent of a Disney movie, it is definitely NOT A DISNEY MOVIE. This is obvious simply with […]
War Dogs Poster

War Dogs: Movie Review

Some say that this war on terror is to fight against those who want to destroy our freedom and this great nation. Others will say this war on terror is to make those who have the power money these people are known as War Dogs. This is a movie based on a true story about […]
Central Intelligence Poster

Central Intelligence: Movie Review

So the summer has kicked off at the box office and that is bringing us a slew of movies from all different genres. We have seen some flops (Alice Through the Looking Glass) and some successes. Yet nothing has really stolen the box office this summer or been a bit more unpredictable than people have […]
Finding Dory Poster

Finding Dory: Movie Review

Marlin, Nemo and Dory are back after a 13 year hiatus in Finding Dory the sequel to Pixar’s beloved underwater adventure, Finding Nemo.  Taking place one year after Dory and Marlin’s epic transoceanic adventure to save his son Nemo, Finding Dory takes us back to the tranquility of the coral reef that they call home.  All […]

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