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Seattle native Jason M. Brown traded liquid sunshine for the real thing when he recently moved to San Diego. Jason graduated from Washington State University with a Humanities degree focusing on English and has worked as a copywriter. An avid fan of comedy, horror, and almost any movie that started as a comic book, Jason lives in California, but still loves Seattle Seahawks football, apologies to the Chargers.

Best Movies You’ve Never Seen

For every movie that enjoys wild success and endless acclaim, countless others simply fade away, never delivering on the high hopes filmmakers have for their work. Many movies, maybe even most, deserve to be forgotten. But a select few deserve better. Whether because of bad timing, halfhearted marketing, or just being ahead of their time, […]
Ghost in the Shell Poster

Ghost in the Shell: Movie Review

When I think of ghost stories, a futuristic techno-nightmare version of Japan isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Maybe it should. Ghost in the Shell paints a haunting picture of a world in which the line between human and machine is blurry, we’re talking three-martini lunch blurry. As yet another Hollywood reboot of […]
PowerRangers Poster

Power Rangers: Movie Review

Since teenagers think they’re invincible anyway, why not make them superheroes? Or should I say Power Rangers. The latest reinvention of a kids’ franchise for the big screen, Saban’s Power Rangers, reboots the ’90s live action TV show remarkably well. After a childhood of adoring Transformers and G.I. Joe, my excitement turned to bitter disappointment […]

Get Out Movie Review. Jordan Peele Directorial Debut

Meeting your girlfriend’s family is scary. If you’re black and her family is white, I mean really white, that’s even scarier. Throw in the sneaking suspicion they might kill you and you’ve got yourself a horror movie. Social anxiety melts into straight-up fear in Get Out, the directorial debut from Jordan Peele, formerly of Key […]
The Great Wall Poster

The Great Wall – Movie Review

I always thought the Great Wall of China was protection from the Mongol horde. Turns out it was really a defense against huge reptile monsters. Who knew? The Great Wall, starring Matt Damon, tells the made-up history of the iconic fortification-turned-tourist-attraction. There’s no allegory here. This is a straight-up monster movie. This movie blends near-constant […]

Fifty Shades Darker: Movie Review

I get it. I’m not the target audience for Fifty Shades Darker. So what? I appreciate that life has more to offer than hot wings and beer. Full disclosure, I love hot wings and beer. While Darker is far from perfect, it manages that rare cinematic feat of being a sequel surpassing its predecessor in […]
Patriots Day Poster

Patriots Day: Movie Review

I never expected Patriots Day to be the first feel-good movie of 2017, but I didn’t think it would make me so uncomfortable. I knew I’d see the gruesome aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, but that wasn’t the problem. I also knew the bombers violently clashed with police, but I was good there, too. […]
A Monster Calls Poster

A Monster Calls: Movie Review

A Monster Calls weaves beautiful animation and heart-wrenching live action to tell the story of a boy coping with his mother’s (Felicity Jones) protracted struggle with cancer. Death comes to us all. Once it does, our job is done. It’s up to the living to pick up the pieces and reconcile what it all means. […]
Silence Poster

Silence: Movie Review

Silence is one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen. It’s cruel, brutal and intense, but this film’s dreadful beauty is undeniable. Martin Scorsese’s passion project was twenty-five years in the making. Maybe that’s a good thing. His deft hand helming a film this heavy pays off. Rather than using violence like a club, […]

Passengers: Movie Review

Beautiful people on a sleek spaceship cruising past the most breathtaking sights in the galaxy – what could possibly go wrong? As it turns out, plenty if you wake up 30 years into a 120-year journey. Yikes. I get mad when I wake up ten minutes before my alarm goes off. Passengers is a mix […]

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