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  • Sing Street: Movie Review

    Apr 22@ 8:15 am

    Tales of love, life and music are nothing new for writer and director John Carney.  Best known for Once, a modern indie musical, where a man and a woman connect+

  • DramaSteve HanningFeatureReviewsMoviesCrimeFeb 26@ 8:30 amSteve Hanning

    Triple 9: Movie Review

    If you’ve seen enough movies over enough time-and lord knows I’ve seen over a dozen-you can easily recognize trends in the industry that can help guide your movie going tendencies, often without needing to so much as read a single movie review, as crazy as that sounds. For instance, if a studio releases a big, long, boring, preachy, artsy slog+

  • The Witch Movie Review

    The Witch Movie Review: No one was more excited to watch this pilgrim folklore of a tale than me. I+

  • How to Be Single: Movie Review

    How to be Single follows the modern romantic comedy formula of Love Actually, He’s Just Not That into You, and+

  • Deadpool: Movie Review

    It’s fair enough to say that if you hadn’t heard anything about Deadpool that you have been missing out on+

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