Miss Sloane: Movie Review

If politics is the art of the possible, I don’t even know what’s plausible anymore. Politics in America have gotten weird, unpredictable. The 2016 election started strange and stayed that way. It’s in this unprecedented climate of crazy that we get Miss Sloane, a film that brings D.C. lobbyists out of the shadows. Though the […]

Manchester by the Sea: Movie Review

  Manchester by the Sea is honest filmmaking at its best. Every scene in this film could be a snippet taken from the life of any family experiencing grief or reeling from tragedy. Writer/Director Kenneth Lonergan created a true portrait of a quintessentially New England life, or what I assume that life to be like, […]

Allied: Movie Review

It seems Hollywood is bound and determined to churn out reboots, most of which nobody asked for or wanted. Thankfully, Allied, starring Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard is a welcome exception. While Allied owes a debt to the 1942 classic, Casablanca, this latest offering from director Robert Zemeckis is no reboot. Allied weaves a mix […]

Moana: Movie Review

Moana is one of my most anticipated movies of the year, back since the unveiling of the new princess last fall. Disney’s latest addition, put together by a team of directors including Ron Clements and John Musker, who’ve brought us some of my favorite films like Aladdin and Princess and the Frog, adds another instant-classic […]

Bleed for This: Movie Review

Boxing used to be a big deal. I can remember being fascinated with Mike Tyson’s raw power and George Foreman’s improbable longevity as a fighter. Today, Tyson is remembered for trying to bite a guy’s ear off and Foreman is what you use to grill a sandwich. Despite boxing’s fall, it remains a great vehicle […]

Loving Movie Review

In a world where superheroes and summer blockbusters dominate the movie world, it’s refreshing to see there’s still a place for quiet, thoughtful films. Directed by Jeff Nichols, Loving is an evocative counterpoint to the CGI spectacles that usually lack emotional punch. Nichols showed remarkable restraint, as did his cast. This film addresses a topic […]

Arrival: Movie Review

In the midst of the chaos that is this election week, I will attempt to reflect on the wonder that was Arrival. Let me start off by saying any and all space movies freak me out, and I usually cry a few times, but this movie is the first one where I cried like two […]

Trolls: Movie Review

Trolls is so peppy that it enabled me to shrug off the 10 am Saturday morning grogginess, and enjoy a musical comedy computer animated film at what I consider to be the wee hours of the morning. Now, I have zero clue about Trolls dolls as my mom hated them, but I don’t think any […]

Inferno: Movie Review

With apologies to die-hard Da Vinci Code fans (I’m assuming that’s a thing), Inferno was my introduction to the adventures of symbologist/professor Robert Langdon, played once again by Tom Hanks. This third installment in the Da Vinci Code franchise reunites Hanks and director Ron Howard ten years after the release of the original. I guess […]

The Golden Age of Streaming

As my couch can attest, we now have an insane amount of streaming material available to us on a bevy of devices from countless sources. As an avid consumer subscribed to a handful of services and the owner of several devices, I am livin’ the dream in regards to entertainment accessibility. Not only do we […]

Ouija: Origin of Evil Movie Review

I love horror movies, though I can’t help feeling like they chose me. Growing up named Jason, I never went too long without being asked something stupid about a hockey mask. Still, the feeble and frequent jokes piqued my curiosity. I saw good and bad slasher flicks younger than I probably should have (thanks, HBO). […]

Denial: Movie Review

The Holocaust is one if not the most well-known events in world history. Even those who would never consider themselves well versed in matters of history know what it is, and most would even offer up an opinion about its horrors and perverted psychology. No other historical event has produced as many books, inspired so […]

Operation Avalanche Movie Review

Conspiracy theories are stories we tell ourselves because we want to believe they’re true, from the grassy knoll to little green men at Area 51. These stories are modern fairy tales, letting us keep believing there’s a secret world where strange and fantastic things happen, where it’s dark and danger is everywhere. In an Internet-everywhere […]

The Dressmaker: Movie Review

Writer/director Jocelyn Moore’s return to filmmaking after more than two decades away was absolutely worth the wait. In The Dressmaker, Kate Winslet stars as scorned Myrtle “Tilly” Dunnage, who’s looking to exact some much due vengeance to her former townspeople whom she thinks have left her cursed. Tilly, a now glamorous designer, splashes onto the […]

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